Mosmatic flex Brush-Wand F LAN 40 300 psi minimum 1.3gpm 59in in G1/4"M DG handle 27.323

$282.56 $313.95

Brand: Mosmatic

Product Description

The Mosmatic Flex-Brush-Wand provides an additional function when compared to all standard brushes.Directly in front of the head is a mechanism, which slackens the brush head when not under pressure. Increase the pressure and the head solidifies. The Flex-Brush-Wand only works under pressure. The pressure build-up occurs by adding coins in the coin box. Durable lightweight construction makes it easy to use while giving you added savings of a longer lasting brush head. The triple foam wash cycle can not be used with the Flex-Brush-Wand.

    • Minimum working pressure 40 psi
    • Minimum flow ratio 1.32 gpm
    • Natural hogs hair
    • Suitable for weep system
    • Available in multiple lengths
    • Available with built-in swivel
    • L=total length

    L 59", IN G1/4"kM, Foam injector - yes, DG-yes, Handle - yes, Weight 5.3 lbs

    Technical data

          • Pressure: 40 -1200 psi (0.25-8 MPa)
          • Temperature: 250°F
          • Nominal width : 1/4"
          • Throughput medium: pH 3-12

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