Build Your Nozzle

Mosmatic offers a variety of hardened stainless steel high pressure nozzles. All HP nozzles (Meg) are available in various sizes and spray angles. Standard nozzles are 1/8" & 1/4" NPT Male, spray angles 0º, 5º, 15º & 25º and sizes 2 through 10.

Mosmatic Nozzle Action

All EG nozzles, for use with stabilizer nozzles, have a 0º spray angle and are available from size 2-20.


Here is a sample of what the nozzles look like. See below for recommendations.

      HP Nozzle:                  Foam Nozzle:                     Ceramic Nozzle:

 Nozzle      Mosmatic Foam Nozzle 18.50400    Mosmatic Ceramic Nozzle 29.076


When building your own nozzles you'll see that Mosmatic part numbers are standardized. 

Here are some easy steps:

Step 1:

  • Determine which type of nozzle you need.
    • EG Nozzles are non-threaded, and only insert into stabilizer nozzles. All of them have 0º spray angle. Pictured is a stabilizer nozzle casing.

    Stabilizer Nozzle Casing

      • HP stands for High Pressure. These nozzles are used in most of the surface cleaners. These are available in multiple spray angles. Your spray angle is determined by what type of job you are doing. choosing the correct angle is critical to successfully completing your job in an efficient and effective manner.

      HP Nozzle

      Step 2:

      • Determine what type of spray angle you need. Think about the surface and how much impact you want. Lower degree numbers mean the more agitation. 0º is the hardest impact.
        • Applications vary. If you're removing really heavy crud like grease, trash chutes or compacted dirt then go with 0º or 5º. If you are applying foam use a larger spray pattern like 25º or greater. Take into account how close you are going to be to the surface. Black top surfaces uses a 25º. Wooden decks use a 25º or 40º. Be careful of the age of the wood.
        • Most of the Mosmatic surface cleaners come standard with 15º spray nozzles. There are other angle sizes not in the catalog that can be custom ordered.

        Mosmatic Nozzle Angles by degrees

        Nozzle Coverage Graph

        Step 3:

        • Determine your pressure washer's Gallons Per Minute (gpm) and Pressure (psi) and reference the chart below.
          • Locate the psi of your pressure washer first
          • Go down that psi column and locate your GPM
          • Look across to the left and locate the nozzle size recommendation in yellow
        • Determine how many nozzles you will be using. You will divide your nozzle size output number by number of nozzles you are using. Never round down after dividing by number of nozzles.


           Mosmatic Your Part Number for Nozzles


           Nozzle Recommendation 1 Nozzle


          Mosmatic Nozzle Recommendations 2 to 5 Nozzles 

          Mosmatic Ceramic Nozzle 29.076     Mosmatic Steam Nozzle 18.50290

          Mosmatic Foam Nozzle 18.50290

          Here's another Nozzle Chart for Reference:

          Nozzle Chart for Reference

          Spray Nozzle Coverage (by degrees)

          Spray Nozzle by degree


          M..= metric thrust, ..M= male, F=female, G=gas pipe thrust, QV=quick connects, SV=profile ring fitting, D=diameter, k=conical, L=length, NW=nominal width, SW=wrench size, IN=media output, RS= basic position