Compare Surface Cleaners

Mosmatic offers a whole line of premium, high-quality, Swiss-designed, high-water-pressure surface cleaners.

Mosmatic Series Description Water Recovery Size Range
Allrounder Clean Smaller & Hard-to-reach Spaces, Water Recovery Yes 8" - 12"
Contractor Clean Large Areas, On Board Wand, Reinforced Bars, Tuff Surface Cleaning No 21" - 30"
Commercial Most Popular, Clean Large Areas, Hot and Cold Water No 21" - 30"
Graffiti Remover Hand-held, Vertical Surfaces, Graffiti, Water Recovery Yes 8"- 12"
Hurricane Clean underneath vehicles No 21" - 30"
Hurricane Pro Clean underneath vehicles, pivot spray deck for multiple cleaning angles No 21"
Professional Clean Large Areas, Reinforced Bars, Water Recovery Yes 21" - 30"
Roof Cleaner Clean Rooftops, Height & width adjustable No 21"
Steaminator Steam Clean Yes 8" - 12"
Universal (Economy) Light weight, Multi-functional cleaner No 8" - 16"