Customize Your Cleaning Head Spider

This rotary-head equipped with four stabilizer nozzles makes it possible to clean all kinds of surfaces from a further distance without pressure loss. Air injection nozzles expand and contain the water flow allowing longer distance of travel and provide that "punch impact" needed for heavy debris cleaning.

Common Applications:

Train, Bus, Truck, Dipper, Military Vehicle, Container Wash Systems.

  • Complete hydro-driven head for vehicle washes
  • Long range impact stabilizer nozzles
  • Stainless steel construction

Mosmatic Cleaning Head Spider Action


Design your personal Spider. Choose the swivel, rotor arm and the nozzles to suit your needs. Follow the numbers 1-4:

Mosmatic Cleaning Head Spider Diagram


Mosmatic Cleaning Head Spider Construction Diagram

Swiss Engineering

High rpm stainless steel swivel features reinforced self lubricated stainless steel ball bearings for improved performance.

Mosmatic Swiss Engineering Swivel

Rotor Arms

Precision welded and balanced rotor arms offer smooth vibration free rotation giving longer life to your rotary union.

Mosmatic Rotor Arms

Stabilizer Nozzles

The Mosmatic Stabilizer nozzles included with your Spider ensure the effectiveness of your cleaning by increasing the distance and impact of your spray.

Mosmatic Stabilizer Nozzles