Convert Your Surface Cleaner to Mosmatic

Surface Cleaner Conversion Kit

For those of you who do not currently own a Mosmatic and wish to upgrade your equipment. the conversion kit will allow you to replace the important "working parts" of your surface cleaner with Mosmatic high quality components.

  • Cost effective upgrade
  • Easy to assemble

Surface Cleaner Conversion Kit

Mosmatic Surface Cleaner Conversion Parts


Conversion Kit Main Diagram



Adapter plate

The universal mounting plate allows you to mount the Mosmatic swivel on your existing housing. The plate has pre-drilled holes and adapts to most other brands of surface cleaners.

Mosmatic Adapter Plate


High rpm stainless steel swivel features reinforced self lubricated stainless steel ball bearings for improved performance. The dual spring based carbide seal system, guarantees long lasting operation under tough conditions.


Mosmatic Swivel

Rotor Arms

Can withstand up to 5000 psi, are precision welded and balanced.

Mosmatic Rotor Arms

Extension fitting

The adapter is used to reduce the distance of the nozzle to the cleaning surface. Depending on the existing housing height, it may be necessary to use the optional adapter. The adapter will reduce the distance by 1.2".

Mosmatic Extension Fitting


Mounting bolts

Includes 3 bolts for fastening the adapter plate to swivel.

Mosmatic Mounting Bolts


Mosmatic Conversion Kit Parts