Shop by Application or Industry

Shop by Application or Industry

Self-Service Car Wash

As the inventor of the Z-Ceiling booms, Mosmatic's innovations have helped to develop the most diverse line of ceiling and wall booms available today. Uniform appearance of the complete line along with their unsurpassed durability and ease of operation have made Mosmatic the top choice and go-to company for industrial and business professionals alike. Mosmatic's focus has always been to design, build and sell the best products on the market.

Automatic Car and Tunnel Washes

OEM's, service technicians and business owners know they can trust and rely on the quality of Mosmatic products. Designed to handle and withstand the harsh wash environment, Mosmatic's products have proven they can and will perform to the highest standards. From concept, design and system upgrades let Mosmatic be the number one source for you.

Commercial Vehicle Wash

Industrial, performance grade solutions for the most demanding washes. From wheel washers, to undercarriage and those odd long distance hard-to-reach areas Mosmatic offers solutions to accommodate your needs. From smaller low volume applications to much larger high volume washes, our components selection is sure to have something to fit your needs.


Marketing and name brands, combined with reliable quality products, show your customers that you are not on a provider but a partner in the industry.

Surface Cleaning & Maintenance

Mosmatic's complete range of surface cleaners set the standard for today's commercial and industrial needs. Offering both recovery style and non-recovery, Mosmatic is the perfect choice for large and small flatwork applications. Ergonomic, lightweight and durable designs make us the number one choice for your clean and sanitation needs.

Food Industry

Today's industry calls for water conservation and higher sanitation requirements. Mosmatic components help increase cleaning efficiency while decreasing time and labor as well as reducing waste water.


Working together with manufacturers of municipal vehicles, Mosmatic has developed solutions for the high demands of professional road and sidewalk cleaning. Mosmatic also has the right components to bring in an economically friendly way to clean tunnels, ducts, pipes, noise protection walls and buildings.

Industrial Cleaning

Mosmatic offers various cleaning tools for industries such as parts cleaning, shipbuilding, wood and metal processing but also for the cleaning of portable toilet cabins, silos, steam hoods and buildings. We offer products that are designed to withstand harsh environments and rugged daily use.

Car Wash Industry

Rim cleaning, self-service car wash, undercarriage or touchless wash systems, Mosmatic swivels have been a source for all major manufacturers.

High Pressure Cleaning Industry

With a proven design portfolio, Mosmatic offers a complete line of low and high rpm designs. From product advancements to exotic applications such as sea water Mosmatic can assist, provide or design something for you.

Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Provide longer life and reliability to your hydraulic or high pressure hose applications with Mosmatic large variety of swivels

Industrial Cleaning

With clean compact low profile designing, Mosmatic swivels can be integrated into many different application and installation areas. Don't compromise performance and design when Mosmatic can assist with the right union for your needs.