Mosmatic LED-Control Box for Ceiling Boom with LED Lighting 65.975

$270.72 $300.80

Brand: Mosmatic

Product Description

The worlds first for the self-service car wash. The LED Boom can be synchronized with your wash cycle to visualize your wash program. The LED ceiling boom is not only an eye-catcher for self-service car washes, but also provides additional lighting for the bay adding safety for your clients. This product should be installed by a certified electrician:

  • Modern visual effects
  • Visualize the wash cycles
  • Additional lighting for the wash bay
  • Stand out above competition


  • Controller
  • Power Supply
  • Remote Control
  • Receiver with Housing
  • For maximum 2x booms

Technical data

  • Pressure: 4000 psi (27.5 MPa)
  • Temperature: 250°
  • Inlet (top & side): 3/8" NPTF (other options available)
  • Outlet: 3/8" NPTF (other options available)
  • Operating voltage: 24V
  • Light intensity: 120 lx
  • Amount: 30xLED/39"
  • IP Code: IP66
  • Throughput medium: water, oil, air at pH 3-12



Energy Ring Connection of LED-control Box

Mosmatic Ceiling Boom Z Series Main Diagram


Mosmatic Legend