Mosmatic Aqua Surface Cleaner with Integrated Recovery 12" FL-SAR - 78.293

Brand: Mosmatic

Product Description

NOTE: As of September 2019....This is the newest model and includes the HP gun. The old part number 78.144 did not include the HP Gun and it has been discontinued).

The new Aqua Mosmatic Surface Cleaner with Integrated Recovery uses the Venturi principle to recover and expel dirty water and debris without the need for a vacuum system.

Simply place your export hose to a desired drain point. Areas both large and small are cleaned effectively and efficiently without requiring bulky vacuum systems and long runs of hosing.

Name: FL-SAR

Part no: 78.293

Diameter: 12"

Weight: 10.1 lbs

Swivel: 1 X KDYF

Rotor Arm: 2X 1/8" NPTF

Casters: 3x 2 1/4"

withstands 4000 psi and 4 GPM


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