Mosmatic Ceiling Boom Z-Series DKZ 5ft 9in 65.039

$829.61 $921.78

Brand: Mosmatic

Product Description

The ideal solution for self-service car washes. The unique shape of Mosmatic Z-boom allows the installation of multiple ceiling booms in a wash bay. This makes it possible to add additional services such as foam applications and Air Drying ceiling mount and increases your profits

  • 360° smooth rotation
  • Rated to 4000psi
  • Multiple booms with center rotation points
  • Polished stainless steel (INOX)
  • Clean and classic appearance

L 5'9", A 17', B 40" C 67" D 34", Weight 26 lbs

Part No. includes one ceiling boom

Technical data

  • Pressure: 4000 psi (27.5 MPa)
  • Temperature: 250°
  • Inlet (top & side): 3/8" NPTF (other options available)
  • Outlet: 3/8" NPTF (other options available)
  • Throughput medium: water, oil, air at pH 3-12

Mosmatic Ceiling Boom Z Series Main Diagram

Mosmatic Ceiling Boom Z Series Main Diagram

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