Mosmatic Foam Brushes B LAN Eco Foam Brush 40 inch WS 28.546

$226.55 $251.72

Brand: Mosmatic

Product Description

Make Mosmatic foam brush the standard in your wash bay. The solid construction and the unique workmanship ensure longevity and value. Each foam brush has a modular design which allows for individual customer requirements. You choose the in-put out-put, the length of the wand and the protective tube as the matching accessories.

  • Natural hogs hair (2.4")
  • Rugged design
  • Solid construction
  • Polyurethane grip
  • Delivered ready to install
  • L=total length (without HP-Gun), GL=Grip length

    L 40", GL 28",WS yes, IN G3/8"F, Weight 4.7 lbs

    Technical data

    • Pressure: 4000 psi (27.5 MPa)
    • Temperature: 250°F
    • Nominal width : 1/4"
    • Throughput medium: pH 3-12

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