Mosmatic Foam Head Black Nozzle Attachment for HP Wands - Brass - 7 in - 29.139

$93.63 $104.03

Brand: Mosmatic

Product Description

Mosmatic Foam Products

Mosmatic Foam Accessories are a great opportunity to complement your existing wash program with another lucrative option. You can choose between different options or combine the components yourself. The cleaning power of foam is also ideal for the food industry. Foam covering allows for better cleaning results, with more concentrated chemical saturation.

  • 310bar
  • 7inches 
  • IN G1/4"F
  • Size 1.6mm


Technical data

 Pressure: 4500 psi (31 MPa)

  • Temperature: 212°F
  • Throughput max. 12gpm
  • Throughput medium: pH 3-12


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