Mosmatic High Pressure Duct Cleaner Fixed TYR 3F Warm Water 16 inch 1/4 in NPTF 81.665

$518.07 $575.63

Brand: Mosmatic

Product Description

Clean vent hoods, trash chutes, pipes, totes, manholes and most containers. This self rotating unit is completely maintenance free. The rotating head spins with in the protective cage directing the high pressure spray to your surface.The installation is simple and fast.

    • Easy installation
    • Self rotating and stainless steel
    • Adjustable and non-adjustable versions
    • Protection plate available
    • Maintenance free
    • The adjustable arms allow different spray angles. Perfect for horizontal ducts and tanks

    Ø 16", IN 1/4"NPTF, Height 2.8", Weight 3.3 lbs

    Technical data

            • Pressure: 4000 psi
            • Temperature: TYR 250°F/TRR 90 deg F
            • Body : stainless steel
            • Nozzles : 2f/2s for 2x 1/8" Nozzles, 3f/3s for 3x1/8" Nozzles
            • Throughput: ph3-12
        Mosmatic Legend