Mosmatic High Pressure Steaminator - STM 200 - 8in - 78.094

$886.28 $984.76

Brand: Mosmatic

Product Description

It is possible to clean walls and other surfaces with steam. Save time with the Steaminator! Steam cleaning is a great way to disinfect, sterilize or degrease surface. By using this cleaner you are able to clean 4-5 times quicker than using a wand. The complete stainless steel construction makes them perfect for medical and food industries

    • Steam cleaned surfaces are flash dry
    • Huge time saving
    • Mosmatic quality swivel and rotor arm
    • Adjustable drive and impact angle
    • Steam gun not included
    • Name: STM 200
PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that you have at least a 10kW steam generator that produces a steady steam production of 10Bar. 

    Ø 8", Swivel 1x DXF, Rotor Arm 2x 1/8"NPTF, HP Nozzles 2x18.50290, PA Casters 3xØ 2, Weight 5.7 lbs

    Technical data

          • Pressure: 300 psi
          • Temperature: 350°F
          • Inlet : 3/8"NPTM



    Mosmatic Legend