Mosmatic High Pressure Universal FL-EG 300 12in 78.262

$699.15 $776.83

Brand: Mosmatic

Product Description

The light weight, multi-functional surface cleaner is suitable for cleaning any flat surface. You can clean walls and stairs as well as sidewalks and decks.The Universal Line is available in several sizes and styles to fit your needs.

    • Available in various designs
    • Multi-functional, suitable for any surfaces
    • Ready to install
    • Name: FL-EG-300

    Ø 12", Weight 7.1 lbs, Swivel 1x KDYF, Rotor Arm 2x 1/8"NPTF, HP Nozzles 2x1503, HP-Gun 1x, Wand 1x

    Technical data

          • Pressure: 4000 psi
          • Temperature: 250°F
          • Inlet : 3/8"NPTF




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