Mosmatic HP Wands Standard Wand 42 Inch Bent - 1/4" Male Inlet - 1/4" NFMT Out 26.731

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Brand: Mosmatic

Product Description

PLEASE NOTE: This item does not come with the nozzle guard (as pictured). It can be ordered separately part number 29.010

Mosmatic wands made of high quality stainless steel are the standard in your wash bay. The solid construction and the unique workmanship ensure longevity and value. Each wand has a modular design which allows for individual customer requirements. You choose the in-put out-put, length, grip and matching accessories to suit your needs.

  • High-quality workmanship
  • Polyurethane grip
  • Delivered ready for installation
  • L=total length, GL=Grip length, Nozzle not included.

This wand has the following dimensions:

L 42", GL 32", G1 bent, IN 1/4"NPTM, OUT 1/4" NPTF, Weight 1.7 lbs

*Please note that the picture may vary slightly from the actual product. In this listing the length will be 42" and the black handle part will be 32" but the picture is for another size.


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