Mosmatic rotary unions DXG swivel 90 degrees G1 1/4"NPTF G2 3/8"NPTM 37.353

$221.83 $246.48

Brand: Mosmatic

Product Description

Surface cleaners, parts washers, tire cleaners, high rpm, self rotating applications

    • High speed, triple bearing systems
    • Bulkhead fitting for mounting
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Highest quality and precision
    • Maintenance free

    The DXG swivel comes in two versions. The DXG is nickel-plated brass and the DXGI is all stainless steel. The DXGI part number is 37.358

    Technical data

          • Pressure: 2500 psi(17 MPa)
          • Temperature: 40°F-250 °F (max. 2’000 rpm)
          • RPM: max. 2’000 rpm)
          • Body: DGS: brass, nickel plated, DXGI: stainless steel
          • Inner part: Stainless steel
          • Seal: ceramic
          • Bearing: 2x radial ball bearings, 1x thrust ball bearing
          • Throughput: pH 3-12
          • Medium: filtered 10 microns, compressed air (290 psi)

    G1 1/4”NPTF, G2 3/8”NPTm, NW 1/4”, SW1 0.87, SW2 0.75, SW3 1.34, L1 3.30, L2 0.47, Weight 9.9oz

    Mosmatic Ceiling Boom Z Series Main Diagram


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